Non-Profit Organization Websites

Pricing and Plans

Simple and straightforward pricing

Save 10% when you pay annually.

Jump: $50/mo

Great for new church starts and small organizations. Start your website on a budget and upgrade whenever you're ready.

Flight: $90/mo

We'll create an exceptional website for you with most of the features and services you need.

Soar: $200/mo

Truly the ultimate experience. We will set your organization up for success with all the features and services you want and need.

How it works


Answer a few simple questions to get started and we're on our way.


We'll have a conversation with you to find out what all you need.


We'll get to work on your website design and crafting or importing content.


We'll take your suggestions on the design and go back and fix them.


Yeah, you're gonna love it. We bring dreams to life here.

Website Features

Server Details

Highlighted Features


Don't deal with multiple confusing companies that just want your money. 2 Guys Design supports yours mission, we will register, set-up, and host your website on our secure servers FOR FREE! And by the way, that's a $150/yr value.


All of our plans come with hosted email addresses at your website name. POP3 and IMAP are available on all addresses to access your email from your favorite webmail client or device.

Mobile Ready

The majority of websites today are accessed on a mobile device. We make sure that your website looks great on any screen size automatically.

Easy CMS

Our super simple content management system (CMS) puts you in control of your website. Update and manage from any computer with an active internet connection with nothing to download or install. And you don't have to write or see a single line of code.


Gone are the days of sticky notes and white boards. Our unique volunteer management program is cloud based and allows you to access it from anywhere. The program notifies your volunteers of their assigned position by email and text message and even posts the full list automatically on your website.


Get the word out! Post the audio of your sermon or message online for users to listen to or download. Each episode is automatically disseminated to their favorite podcast listening service. Not sure how to set it up? Contact Logsdon AVL to show you how in person.

Online Giving

Who carries cash with them anymore? Checks, what's that? Having the ability for members and fans to donate electronically is integral to mission success. We have two great programs for you to choose from that will integrate with your organization the best. Accept donations securely online anywhere and anytime.

Protected Pages

Got something you need to share but you only want certain people to see it? Some churches and organizations like to post their financial information or have a special area just for important documents. If you have a board of directors, this is a great place for them to be all on the same page.


Our CMS sets you up with unlimited users with their own access levels and passwords. This allows some users to have full control of your website and throttle control to other users.


If you're like me, you're great with faces, not so much with names. Our great system allows your members and fans to post their own family photos and content information securely on your website locked away safe so only the people who should see it actually do see it.

Drag & Drop Editor

If you have used powerpoint, then you can control your website. Our amazing drag and drop interface is fully WYSIWYG. And not one line of code is in sight.


Keeping a crazy busy organization can get hard. Making it easy to do is paramount. All of our website plans display your calendar right on the website to keep everyone informed.

Scheduled Content

Got something you want to add to the website, but you don't want people to see it until next Tuesday at 9:30am? Well now you can do that with scheduled content. Simply compose what you want to post and schedule it for any time in the future.


Keeping your base informed and active is paramount. Using third-party email newsletter services not only cost a bunch, but are used a bunch. This means their system can be easily bogged down taking forever for your email to get through. And since its used by hundreds of organizations, YOUR email could get blacklisted because of someone else. Our system lives right on your website with nothing extra to learn.

Custom Forms

From a simple contact us form to a more complex event registration form, you can collect any information from your users you need. And 2 Guys Design is right here if you need help setting up a new one.

SSL Protection

The security of your people is everything. No matter if you're just collecting an email on a contact form or processing credit card numbers, protecting the privacy of your users is beyond important. Thats why ALL of our plans come with an active SSL Certificate to protect your users. Upgrade to a higher plan or purchase a stronger SSL Certificate at any time.