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With over a decade of experience, the professionals at 2 Guys Design are ready to partner with you to achieve your success. Bringing your dreams to life™ – its what we do here at 2 Guys Design. We have partnered with family businesses, non-profit agencies, schools, and houses of worship to design or redesign their web presence to create leads, clients, orders, (and most importantly) success.
And now, we are ready to partner with you to do the same.

How we can help

Website Design

You can depend on 2 Guys Design to deliver a custom website solution perfect for you on time and on budget. Complete with all the tools you need to create conversions, sell your products, keep your base informed, and more. All designed on and up to industry standards, we’re not done until you’re happy. Guaranteed.

Easy Content Management

Our simple content management solution (CMS) places you in control of your website. Easily create, manage, update, or modify your content from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection. Nothing to download, and you don’t have to write, know, or see a single line of code.

Painless Website Hosting

No need to deal with multiple companies. 2 Guys Design will take care of hosting your website and supporting files securely. Our servers come equipped with built-in security, 10GB* of storage, unlimited email address, and lots more.

Responsive Design

Your client is on the go, more than half of the websites viewed today are on a mobile device. This is why 2 Guys Design codes all of our websites to look amazing on any device, any time.

Get Found

You are about to get an amazing website with stellar content. But all that is useless if people looking for you can’t find you. We use state of the art software and proven methods to make sure you rank high on search engine results like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Got great ideas, products, or services but need a little help getting a conversion? 2 Guys Design has our own talented in-house copywriters who can craft compelling product descriptions, page content, blog or social media posts, or email campaigns. 

* Need more space or bandwidth, no problem! Upgrade your account at any time up to 30BG of SSD storage. Capable of handling around 100,000 users per month.

Our design process

Dreaming session

We meet with you to discern all the dreams for your new website, plan its content, and completely explain our process. Nothing is off the table.


Here is where the foundation for your website is built. We collect all elements for your website and create a site map plotting out your entire website. We then start to construct basic designs or wire-frames of your website to get a feel for the final product.

Design Phase

And now the real fun starts. Building off the design you chose, we finish the design and begin to construct your website. We create pages and add content, images, forms, and other elements. And the wonderful thing is we keep you updated all along the way. You’ll receive special access to the website during construction to offer insights and modifications.


Once the construction phase is done on your website, we test it. We drive it into the wall. We push it to the max. Even do a few wheelies. All to make sure your new website is bulletproof. This is a great time to read every page and think of anything that you might want to add.


We sit down with you and train you one-on-one exactly how to interact with your website’s backstage. We show you how to login, add and modify pages, upload and work with images, create user forms, and more. Once the training is over, we are always available by phone or email if you get stuck. Our current clients even have a members only section of our website full of training modules accessible 24/7.


Let’s party! It’s finally time to launch your amazing new website! This is the final step in your design process.

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