Website users

Users are anyone who needs to login in order to interact with your website. You are allowed an unlimited amount of users, each with a varying level of abilities that may be just to get to a sensitive area, post a podcast, create a draft, or edit a page. For example, a local church may want to post their financial giving information, but a member must first login to view that page but NOT be able to view the backstage of the website or edit any post or page.

Another option is if a local church wants a volunteer to be able to login and post the volunteers for the coming weeks but NOT be able to create, edit, or delete any posts or pages.

The main user roles are: Subscriber, Contributor, Author, and Editor. However, there may be more.





Adding a new user

To add a new user, if you have the ability to, hover over the users tool on your Tool Bar and select Add New. Follow the prompts and click Add New Users.

Making edits to a user

To view all your website’s users, click on the Users tool on your Tool Bar. This will display a full list of all the users with their corresponding role and other pertinent information. To make a change to a user, hover your mouse over their username and click edit. Follow the prompts to make any changes you want.

Note, a user’s username can not be changed. The only way to make that change is to delete user and add them again under a new username.

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