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Trinity United Methodist Church

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Table of Contents

Project Overview

Thank you for partnering with 2 Guys Design to create a website for Trinity United Methodist Church. We looking forward to joining you in fulfilling your mission.

At 2 Guys Design, we bring your dreams to life.


Develop a virtual presence for a local church congregation emphasizing welcoming and family.


Develop a conversion based web strategy to bring new persons to your church and nurture the current attendees of your church.


Drive traffic to your website using search and social media connectivity.

Content Writing

2 Guys Design is available to compose powerful and meaningful website text and content proven to develop a connection and conversion with the user.


2 Guys Design will host the website on our secure servers and perform regular maintenance to the backend functionality.




Ron Logsdon received his degree in graphic design from Blackburn College in Carlinville, Illinois in 2007. Since then, he has consistently been operating as a freelance graphic designer for businesses and organizations across the state of Illinois. His body of work includes five churches, eight family businesses, and six non-profit agencies.

He lives with his husband, Shayne, and their Yorkie, Nahla, in Springfield, IL and is an avid thespian and lover of music.


Before work on your website can begin, we will work together with you to produce a list of intended results you wish to see out of your website. After this conversation, we will analyze your provided content for the website and begin planning around that content. This means we will need all the content (or a large majority of it with a clear understanding of what is missing and an expected delivery date) for your website before the majority of work can commence.

Optionally, you may elect to have 2 Guys Design perform copywriting services (compose the content for you) for an additional fee. Final fee will be set upon completed work.


Timeline Setup


Website Overview

Design Objectives


2 Guys Design will build a custom website built from the ground up, or select a quality pre-built design depending on your plan choice. Your new website will feature all the ways customers can connect with your church. We will also include a blog to include updates about your ministry. These blog posts will be automatically uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media platform connected with your church. 


2-3 designs to choose from
(Jump plan only)

Three (3) rounds of revisions to design

Cross-browser tested


We will work with you to plan and construct the content for your new website. Content includes page hierarchy, text, images, form fields, images, files, videos links to other websites, and any element support by our platform. 

Once content, provided by you, is received we will review and give a final proof to your content to ensure consistent use of terms and style, accuracy, text that is clear and able to be understood by a wide range of ed users, and messages which influence a conversion.

This solid content will live on pages 2 Guys Design will load and format.


Content Inventory

Load Content into CMS & Format

Up to and including three (3)
rounds of revisions to formatting

Proofreading & Review

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The basic goal of any website is to take website visitors and make a conversion. But to do that, visitors must first find your website. We accomplish this by optimizing your website so search engines (like Bing, Google, and Yahoo) pay closer attention to your website. Less than 10% of search engine users scroll past the first page of results, so you want to ensure your website lands amongst the top.


Google XML

Optimize page titles

Image optimization


Create meta descriptions
& keywords for each webpage

SEO text optimization

Website Widgets

We will create your website with multiple pages. All of our websites include dynamic menus as well as sitemaps to control site navigation.

Contact Forms
Contact Us form with all data automatically collected in our database and sent directly to you via email upon user submission.

Here you will be able to create content for news articles and/or blog posts to be displayed and distributed through your website. Each post or article is able to include a title, author, post date, links to external or internal sources, and optional image(s). Comments are optional and could be tied to Facebook, Twitter, and more to increase the ability for users to share and interact with your website. Your blog will support categories, tags, and RSS.

Email Marketing

We will create one (1) branded email newsletter template.

Logo Design Package

We are available to construct a new logo around your brand for use on a variety of collateral like your website, social media, business cards, newsletters, brochures, etc. Your logo design is separate from your website construction, but is happening concurrently.

Your logo package, should you elect to include it, will be billed hourly with a minimum of four (4) hours at $40 per each hour expended rounded to the nearest half hour. This is a discount from our normal rate of $60/hr as a house of worship.

There are unlimited revisions solely on the design of logos.


One (1) Custom Logo

One (1) icon based on logo

One (1) each: Full Color, Dual Color, Monochromatic, Grey-scale, Black & White version in .jpeg .png & .pdf.

Photography Package

It is important to develop original photography that provokes a strong positive emotional response about your brand. Our approach to photography is to conduct half day or full day photo shoots that yield a “package” of images that can be used not only for your website but all aspects of your church such as newsletters, email, social media, etc.


Package of professional photos downloadable at-will from the 2 Guys Design website

Protecting your website with an SSL Certificate

An SSL certificate serves as a digital “passport” that allows data to be transmitted over secure networks — protecting financial and credit card transactions, signups, web access to mail, sensitive information and intranets. It authenticates and encrypts the data transferred through the website to the server. Each SSL plan is good for 12 months and auto-renews at the end of the duration. 

  • Protect your site from spoofing
  • Gain vistors’ trust by displaying security padlock
  • Ban data alteration and editing
  • Protect your visitors’ personal data from misuse 

If you are collecting user data, you should have an added level of security on your website. If you plan to sell things on your website you should have a bulletproof security layer. Our Premium and Elite plans have you covered.

All of our SSL Certificates come with the most powerful SSL encryption available today to protect your website information.

This visible banner will ensure that your website is secure. Moreover, when clicked, it will show validity of the certificates expiration date, etc., which further enhances your visitors trust.

Only EV SSL provides the most advanced authentication that turns the address bar green and adds the company name to it to indicate the highest possible level of validation your website has.

Sure thing! We can upgrade your SSL at any time. 


During your project, communication will be non-stop with emails, phone calls, and online meetings. Here is how we make it happen:

Email is by far the best way to reach us and to receive a quick reply. You can email Ron at any time at

217-960-1174 is the direct line for 2 Guys Design. Your calls are always welcome at any time day or night. If you designer is available at the time of your call, he would be happy to receive your call.

In-Person Meetings
For clients within the Springfield, IL metropolitan area, in-person meetings are welcomed and are able to be scheduled in the evenings or weekends depending on availability. For all other clients within 150 miles of Springfield, IL, in-person meetings can be scheduled on the weekends based on availability. Travel to in-person meetings outside of the Springfield, IL metropolitan area are subject to a mileage reimbursement.

Video Conference
We use ZOOM to set up video conferences with clients. We will send you an invitation to a meeting via email, and the enclosed link will download a free program to your computer (Mac or PC) to take part in a video conference. With Zoom, we can meet face-to-face and the computer screen can be shared to work on the project together. 

Investment, add-ons, and agreement

2 Guys Design offers special website plans just for non-profit organizations. After a single $95 initial fee, organizations are free to chose the plan that works best for them with the flexibility to upgrade plans as their needs change. We know how non-profit budgets are dependent on donations, so we’ve set up simple low monthly payments your organization can budget with, or save when plans are paid yearly.


$20/mo • $216/yr

Great for new church starts and small organizations. Start your website on a budget and upgrade whenever you’re ready.


$60/mo • $648/yr

Our most popular package, we will create an exceptional website for you with most of the features and services you need.


$150/mo • $1620/yr

Truly the ultimate experience. We will set your organization up for success with all the features and services you want and need.