Images & Media

Who want to just look at text all day? Humans are naturally drawn to pictures. 

Pictures and media on your webpage can mean the difference between a user staying there for a second and a user staying for longer. So here’s how to get media (pictures, pdf files, audio files, movies, etc.) onto your website.

Uploading Media

Hover over the Media tool on your tool bar and click Add New. A large box will appear that says “Drop files here.” Find the file on your computer and drag and drop it inside the box. the file will automatically begin to upload. 

Or, you can click the button that says “select files.” this opens a file explorer where you can search for the media file you want from your computer.

Once your file is uploaded, it will be available anywhere and everywhere you log in.

Manipulating media

To work on a media file (like a picture), hover over the Media tool in your tool bar, choose “library,” find the file you want to edit, and click it. this will open a popover box. Here you can change the title of the file, the caption, Alt text, and description. 

It is HIGHLY recommended to include alternative text (or Alt Text) for each image. If your website is being accessed by someone who is blind, a special reader program will read the text of the page and the Alt Text of the image.

Blue and white bird perched on a branch holding a worm
Blue Bird

For example, this image has the Alt Text of “blue and white bird perched on a branch holding a worm” and the caption: “Blue Bird.”

If the file is an image, you can manipulate the image by clicking the edit link below the image. Here you can crop, rotate, flip, change the dimensions, aspect ratio, and thumbnail settings. Click on the question mark for more information about each tool.

Once done, click save, and click the X in the top corner to close the popover.

Inserting media

To place a media object into a page or post, simply go to edit that page or post and click Add Media on the rich text editor ribbon, then select media library. 

TIP: to save time, on the insert Media popover, drag and drop a media file onto the list of files to upload it directly from the edit window. You can also click Upload Files to do the same.

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