Getting Started

Your new website has two sides to it: the main stage and the backstage.

The main stage is what the world sees when they call up your website address. The backstage is what only you and those who you choose to give the keys to will see. The backstage is where you will go to make all the changes, additions, and deletions needed for your website.

Logging into your website

To log into your website to make changes, type your website into the address bar of your browser and add /login to the end. For example:

This will take you to the dashboard of your website.

Your website dashboard

When you first login to your backstage, you’ll land on the dashboard. This is a snapshot of your entire website. See the number of posts and pages in At a Glance or start a Quick Draft of a post. This quick draft will not post live on the website but instead make it available as a draft under the posts tool to be published later.

Navigating around the backstage of your website

Once you have logged in, along the left side of the screen you will see a row of icons and titles called the Tool Bar. these are links to the carious tools in your website. Many of these tools have subtitles hidden underneath. Access them by one of two ways

  • Click on the title and you will go to the primary tool’s page and the subtitles will then be displayed;
  • Hover your mouse pointer over each title, and the subtitles will be displayed as a popover.
If you want to hide the tool bar so that you have more screen space, scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Collapse Menu.” This will hide all the text on the Tool Bar, but keep the icons. You can still click on the icon to go to the primary tool or hover to see the popover of subtitles.

Changing your personal settings

To change your personal settings, click the tool which says “Profile.” Here you can change the colors of the backstage user interface, choose proofreading options, or change your display name, email address, contact info, and password. If you ever get locked out of your website, 2 Guys Design has you covered. Just shoot us an email.

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Getting Started

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