Website users Users are anyone who needs to login in order to interact with your website. You are allowed an unlimited amount of users, each with a varying level of abilities that may be just to get to a sensitive area, post a podcast, create a draft, or edit a page. For example, a local […]

User Forms

Creating and Editing a User Form Forms on your website are important to interact with your users. They allow you to collect information, subscribe for events, and more. There are dozens of different programs that create forms on your website, but we believe this one is by far the very best. Heres how to use […]

Pages and Posts

Creating and working with page and posts Content is displayed on your website in one of two ways: Post or Page. Both are similar, but unique and different, and work best with different kids of content.  Pages are where the main content of your website lives. Pages could be your home page, the about us […]

Navigation Menu

Modifying yourwebsite navigation menu The navigation menu is an important part of your website. It is how your website users will move around your website from page to page. Changing it is very simple. Getting to the navigation menu edit screen Hover over the Appearance tool on your Tool Bar and select Menus. Under Menu […]

Images and Media

Images & Media Who want to just look at text all day? Humans are naturally drawn to pictures.  Pictures and media on your webpage can mean the difference between a user staying there for a second and a user staying for longer. So here’s how to get media (pictures, pdf files, audio files, movies, etc.) […]


HYperlinks Users love to click around websites. Search engines love them too. So much so that blog posts, pages, and newsletter articles that have lots of links in them will be pushed higher up in search engine results pages. As you are writing content, for a page or post, think about if there is any […]

Getting Started

Getting Started Your new website has two sides to it: the main stage and the backstage. The main stage is what the world sees when they call up your website address. The backstage is what only you and those who you choose to give the keys to will see. The backstage is where you will go to make all the changes, additions, and deletions needed […]